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POLCON specializes in mechanical engineering and offers you customer-specific solutions. From conceptual design and detail engineering to production supervision. Since the start in 2006, we have been able to prove ourselves in the design and implementation of countless projects. Varying from the industrial kitchens for the Kings Palace in Amsterdam, to heavy and precision mechanical engineering for the offshore and concrete industry. Due to the extensive experience on the factory floor as well at the engineering department, we deliver quality mechanical designs that lead to a practical and efficient execution of the production.

Roerdompstraat 19
2964 HD Groot-Ammers

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To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have listed a number of our projects for you.                                                                                    



Engineering is our passion. Brainstorming to solve the challenges within a project in the most efficient way is almost a daily routine.


About us

Polcon is founded in 2006, and successful from the start thanks to the ideal combination of "know how" and inventiveness.                      

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