Digital Prototyping:

Building a prototype of every new design in order to remove any errors is not an option. A digital prototype is the solution. At POLCON we use the latest CAD software to design three-dimensionally. This creates, among other things, the possibility of performing simulations and FEM calculations. Complex movements can easily be visualized and possible collisions prevented. In addition to the "paper" drawing, the digital product can increasingly be used for actual production. CNC machines read the file so unnecessary or duplicate work and possible errors can be prevented. By making use, and having knowledge of such modern production processes, a good balance between price and quality is possible.


Production & advice:

In addition to a good design, it is crucial that the end product is 100% perfect. We have the answer for all possible questions that may arise during production and assembly. Thanks to our good contacts, it is possible to realize the production for you in addition to the engineering. Thanks to years of collaboration and short communication lines, misunderstandings are prevented and a short lead time is possible.

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